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trees from shannon falls
trees from shannon falls

A new new toy! I upgraded. 4 MP cameras are pretty darned cool. Almost as cool as classic film cameras. Almost. I've been experimenting with photo coloring lately too (nothing here yet). I'm going through quite the little artistic phase of late, so watch for "intersting" photos this summer.

Pictures by Carla C. Emmons unless otherwise attributed. Copyright Carla C. Emmons 1998-2003. Please Request Permission if you wish to use any pictures in this site.


Scenic Vancouver - because it is so beautiful

Around Vancouver - April 2001. Lots of flowers, Spring and a couple of buildings thrown in for good measure.

NYC Trip - Mid-May 2001, visiting Lisa with Kevin and Amy

Shannon Falls - June 2001 - More pictures of my favorite waterfall outside Vancouver, BC.

Brandywine Falls - June 2001 - A breath-taking waterfall outside Vancouver, BC. It is gaspingly dramatic waterfall. Especially from above (even though the b&w's don't really show it well).

Pennsix XXX (thirty) - August 2001

Digital pics from Pennsic

SELECT Pictures from the 3 field battles - shorter, faster page

Pictures from the 3 field battles - longer slower page

Pictures from around camp and such

A trip to the woods - Mid-September 2001, visiting other NY folks.

Mexico City and environs - March 2002

Cathedral Metropolitana

Templo Mayor

The Zocolo

Plaza Guadalupe

Plaza of Three Cutures



Symbolism Fountain - one specific scenic bit of Vancouver

More Symbolism Fountain - lots of water, flowers and other environs as well as the fountain.

Weather - created on a day when I was in Vancouver Spring and my friends and co-workers were still trapped in snowy winter


An Orange Cat - one of my favorite subjects.

May Cats - Adorableness in one small package and one large package.

June Cats - More Adorableness.

September Cats - Random snapshots of my kitties from September 2002. Please observe the cuteness that is Tennyson and the adorable dignity that was Sir Falstaff.


Black and Whites from Vancouver - A few of my more impressionistic photos. (Ok, there's one color photo here... Fine. ;)


Project: Secretary's Day - a "work project"

Cube Landscaping - or how to build an indoor summer's day

Conference closing - June 2001 - the closing bits, preserved for generations to come.

Jon's New Birthday - September 21, 2001 - when your coworkers and big sister decide you need a new birthday date, watchout.

Santa Day at Sunday River - December 8, 2002 - My little brother decides to dress up as Santa to get free lift tickets at Sunday River. I think it was more than worth it.

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