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Cube Landscaping
How to build an indoor Summer's Day

Cube landscaping is a combination of gardening, creative procrastination and fine art. We highly recommend planning ahead. Make a list of all the necessary ingredients, decorations, tools and accessories first. After you've acquired all you need, wait until the victim... er... recipient has left the building for the day. Kate - the innocent victim
Then go to work!!!
If you have all your materials at hand, an 8'x8' cube should only take you about half an hour to 45 minutes to landscape.
The Cube - before
First you must prepare the area.
Laying out the tarp

It's very important to carefully lay out a tarp or other water-proof covering. Make sure you cover any outlets or communications jacks.


You can purchase roll-out-lawn (aka sod) from various home and garden stores. $3 per 9 square foot roll. Note: Our Home Depot is not carrying it this year. You may want to call around first.

The gang

Frequently this activity will involve an audience.

More sod

You will need lots of rolls of sod. Make sure you buy enough. Measure your target area first and take the measurements with you when you go to buy sod.

laying sod

Think before you lay down your first roll of sod. Start in the back corner of the cube and work your way forward.

Sod stripes

If you get "fresh" rolls of sod that are still fairly healthy, hydrated and green, you should have no problems rolling them out and moving them about.

Laying the sod

Start the roll nearly at the edge of the cube and roll them out right next to each other. Make sure the stripes are as close together as possible.

finishing the corner

Finish up your corners nice and neat.

all done!

And then you have a lovely carpet of green grass. It may have a slightly striped appearance, don't worry about it. The stripes will blend after a few days.

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