Welcome! If you are interested in throwing yourself into the spirit of our medievally-themed wedding, but you're just not sure where to start, take a look around in these pages. Whether you are looking to borrow, rent, buy or sew your clothing, I hope that we've provided some resources that will be useful to you.

These pages are, like all Web pages, a perpetually unfinished resource. If you come across something in your Internet travels that you think would fit in here, by all means let us know!

Assisting me in my garbing endeavours is my most gracious maid of honour, Carla Emmons. If you look through these pages and still aren't really sure what you'd like to do, you may contact either Carla or myself and we'll do our best to get you going.

Carla Emmons
Molly Harbaugh
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What Should It Look Like?

Borrowing/Renting Garb

Purchasing Garb

Making Garb

Costuming Resources on the Web

More Medieval links

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