Medieval Links

Various medieval, history and folklore stuff

An ecclectic collection of links to everything from illuminated manuscripts to places to buy viking boots. This page has links to some serious history sites and some more whimsical stuff as well and everything in between.

History Resources & Manuscripts

Sagnaneti - A joint project of Cornell University and the National and University Library of Iceland - images of pre-1901 Icelandic manuscripts.
Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek - beautiful, annotated snippets of manuscripts
Medieval History - Open Directory, Society: History: By Time Period
Medieval/Renaissance food page
Academy of Saint Gabriel


Department of Folklore - Memorial University of Newfoundland
English folk and traditional music


Viking Times Magazine
The Viking Longship - Scientific American feature article
Thora Sharptooth
Viking Answer Lady
Furniture reproductions in a Viking 'dragon' style
Viking ship voyages - 1996-1997
Viking names from the Sagas
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor
Viking Tunic Construction
Norsefolk: Yahoo group
Lady Liadan's Garb Workshop Schedule

Costuming & Garb

Rus Trader Costume

Gers, yurts and other canvas

Singing Horse Designs - Gers/Yurts! I purchased my yurt from these folks - I adore it!
Yurt Quest - Yurt resource page
Medieval Pavillion Resources


Mead Made Easy - a great publication by Dave Polaschek and Tim Mitchell
Period Brewing resources - links, articles, resources
Historical Brewing Library - from The SCA Brew.
Tips & Advice - recipe and tips

Academic Programs

Western Michigan University Medieval Institute
Boston University History Department Graduate Programs
MIT History Graduate Porgrams
UNH History Graduate Programs

Random other interesting places

Cariadoc's Miscellany
Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Dutch Women's Names
Clothing and Costume Links
The Gothic Image - travel the Middle Ages via images of art, sculpture, architecture & history


Regia Anglorum
Society for Creative Anachronism


Jewelry and Sparklies

Talbot's Fine Accessories
Medieval and Viking Jewelry
Guakler Medieval Wares

Leather, Shoes and the like

Jekyl the Hidesmith - historic and fantasy leather garments, pouches and accessories.
Armalann - Medieval and Ren shoes boots and armour.
Viking boots
Dreamshoes - Celtic footwear, journals, mugs, pouches
Affordable boots for Reenactors - I'm not sure what I think of the adjective "affordable" in this case, but they are very nice boots and the prices are good for such well-made boots.

Misc. Merchant Stuff

Singing Horse Designs - Gers/Yurts!
Red Sky Shelters - Different, more expensive, less medieval-looking yurts... Pretty and interesting for comparison though
SCA Merchant Listings
VirtualFaire.Com - a clearinghouse site for online fantasy/ren vendors. Not exactly all that period, but I figured I'd put it here anyway. Dharma Trading Co. - fabric, fabric, fabric, and more fabric...
Smoke & Fire Company - Providing a little bit of everything, esp late period & colonial.

20th Century links

I had to stick them somewhere...

PBS - People's Century
20th Century Timeline
Koop Institute: 20th Century Timeline
Borders: 20th Century Timeline
20th Century Timeline by decades

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