Il sole dentro la tempesta

3 July 2001

There's a sorrow in my heart that somehow can't be touched,
A love that has been lost though it has yet to really love.
I can't fall further and I can't go back,
I don't know what is really there
Or what I just imagine is...

O sole mio, cuore mio.
My sun, my heart.
My eyes don't see straight anymore.
Please help me to chase away the pain,
Of my heart, my soul, my love.

There's a core to myself that feels so strong, but there's a chink
In the armor, a weak spot so soft and exposed
That anyone could poke at it
And somehow reach in
Which is my greatest fear...

O sole mio, anima mia.
My sun, my soul.
My mouth doesn't speak smoothly anymore.
Please help me embrace the emptiness,
For my heart, my soul, my love.

My image of myself is so good but so flawed
That in a moment it is shattered with harsh words,
Fragile yet strong, I can't imagine,
How I will weather the storm
Which is my greatest love and fear...

O sole mio, fuoco mio.
My sun, my fire.
My hands don't move without shaking anymore.
Please help me fake the motion of the normal life,
Denying my greatest love and fear...

I stand alone upon the hill and see nothing but the sea.
She clears up my sight and steadies my hand,
She replenishes the strength within me.
How can I turn from you,
When you are my greatest love and fear...

O sole mio, mare mio sono tua.
O my sun, my sea, I am yours.
My heart only steadies with your guidance.
I am yours,
So that I may survive my love and fear.

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