Shade of a flame

Summer 1996

She turns in the shadows
Searching and burning
For the dream one. Her dream one.
She cannot forget him,
Nor find him,
Nor hope.
But she turns evermore
In shadows,
In the shades of a flame.

She cannot leave the shadows.
She cannot evade the pain,
for even in the shadows,
the light of him remains.
Burning through her
heart of icy,
cold resistance in her breast.
Her eyes cannot bear his sight,
but she searches all the same.

Each flame of light creates more shadows,
darkness yeilded from the bright.
Light one side of the face,
but leave the other dark,
for knowing the whole truth
is never knowing sooth.
Her love flows ever stronger
. She runs from dark to darker,
hiding from the darkest flame.

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