random 201199

Fall 1999

How do I make myself happy in the end?
Should I just give up the ghost for love?
I try sometimes as hard as I can
And other times I feel so weak that I can hardly stand.

Tomorrow night would be our last,
If I wrote off everything in the past.
But it's all in the past, all my baggage and light.
I can't make clean break, even if I might.

I think it might be time to reassess my world.
Doesn't that seem to happen, every year or so?
Will these get further apart come wisdom and age?
Or will I always have an internal war to wage?

If I stand where I am and look around,
I see too many slips in my guard and judgement.
If tomorrow I left it all, where would I go?
How could I go? And could I go?

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