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Links, Organizations, and instructions
Making Props - Vete's Juggling page
Links of interest - Beard Juggling Equipment
Four Ball Juggling
Contact Juggling
Yahoo Contact Juggling club
The Butterfly Workshop
Portland Jugglers - Oregon
Portland Jugglering Festival - September 28-30, 2001


Dube juggling knives
True Canadian Balls
Stage Balls from TCB - glow hacks
Agile - Italian
Light and Fire
Renegade Juggling - black acrylic, great selection
Serious Juggling
Wide variety of "other balls"
Beanbags and filled balls
Juggling Store
Todd Smith Products
Astroballs - good picture
Juggling Thingies - handmade balls mostly
Chainmail made to order...
More Balls Than Most
Juggling stuff - my favorite juggling balls are made by these folks (thuds). They're expensive if you buy them direct (almost $30), but I've found them for less on eBay and on sale at The Museum Company and various juggling stores.
Compleat Gamester
Glow balls - also carries More Balls Than Most thuds as "Squish Juggling Balls" I think
Infinity Toys

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