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Morning Comics and other readings

Kevin and Kell
User Friendly
Over the Hedge
Chickweed Lane
Get Fuzzy
Sluggy Freelance

My Yahoo
Random Reuters articles
Portland Press Herald
Wired News headlines
SciFi Wire
The Register

Incredibrew - do-it-yourself Brewery in Nashua, NH. Wine, beer, and root beer!
Pennsic War 33 - it's late this year, at least in comparison to last year.
Buchika's Ski & Sport - skiis, snowwboards, bikes and stuff.

Class of 97

User Friendly, September 29, 1998 - Leadership
User Friendly, June 4, 2000 - Geek Rant... so true.
User Friendly, October 12, 1998 - Chicks and tech support. Been there. Done that.
User Friendly, October 28, 1998 - we all see the God of Caffeine in different forms
User Friendly, November 19, 2000 - Political Asylum Certificate to enter Canada
Kevin & Kell, June 8, 2000 - This is my dad...

Mac Specific and Geekness

Konfabulator - OS X widgets Northwestern - Class creates Italian soap opera
O'Grady's Power page
Crazy Apple Rumors
Mac Edition
EveryMac - Highly useful Mac resource site
As the Apple Turns
Sonnet Technologies - More Mac hw stuff
The Apple Collection, Desktop Pictures, Mac Links, Bookstore and all collectible items...
ComputerGear - Back to School computer gifts and T-shirts for geeks, nerds, techies and computer enthusiasts.
ThinkGeek - Stuff for Smart Masses. Geeky toys, t-shirts, and stuff...
Holistic Computer Medicine
Setting Sun, my favorite screensaver.
Help Desk Jokes

Education links

Department of Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University
The Chronicle - Distance Ed
Educause --> Recent Issues
IMS project . org
Educational News and Resources
NLII - National Learning Infrastructure Initiative
Commision on Elementary Schools - Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
LeapFrog - neato technology stuff for the kidlings.
Paint the Moon - you and your laser pointer can help.
... and why it won't work...


Useful Stuff

An Introduction to Buddhism

Rubix Cube Solution
Yahoo Maps driving directions
Boston Traffic update
Phases of the Moon
Babelfish - Altavista

iLor - the most user friendly search engine in the world? (powered by google)
Dogpile - another search engine
US Zip code association
Metric Conversion
Food Analyzer
ISO Latin 1 Character Entities - HTML Escape Sequence table
Wakefield Public Library
Car Talk

Music Dispatch
Pronto Italia - a place to order good Italian stuff (groceries, chocolate, etc) that you can't find in North America!
AirTran - cheap airfare, nice service.
Oyster Creek Mushroom Company
Made in Firenze - imports that make me swoon...
Hippo Racks - high-volume media racks for your CD & DVD collection.
Giguere Auction - a low-info site.

Boston University's Corporate Education Center
The Project Management Institute - Building Professionalism in Project Management

Font Fairy Free Fonts
Font Freak - Mac fonts
Blue Vinyl Fonts

Writing Stuff

The Writers' Workshop - University of Iowa
University of Maine Writing Center

The Well
Buzzkiller.net: where the buzzword meets the buzzsaw.

MLA online
Attending to Grammar
OWN Online Resource Library
Creative Writing (Yahoo)
Writing Groups (Yahoo)
Calls for Submissions (Yahoo)

Litany by Billy Collins, one of my all-time favorites.
Project Gutenberg
Love, by Roy Croft
A couple Shakespearian Sonnets for good measure:

Sonnet 116
My Mistress' Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun
Fog by Carl Sandberg
Prologue to Henry V
Lysistrata, illustrated

Useless Stuff

John Cusack's Fan Mail Address
Mission Statement Generator
Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Basics
Devil Bunnies - dot-org?
Emmons Coat of Arms
The Pubcrawlers - New England Celtic Punk
Chris and Merideth Thompson - Folk twins

Where's George?
Where's Willy?

Discount Magnetic Signs
M&M's network

M&M's Colorworks - you can buy M&M's by the color!!!
LEGENDS_WEBSITE - buy stuff from movie and tv sets.

Interesting Places

O'Reilly Network: An 802.11 ISP on Maine's Rocky Coast [Oct. 12, 2001]
The Downeaster | Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority
Treehouse Out 'n' About - a treehouse "resort" in Oregon
CNN Article on the Treehouse folks
Boston Bartender School
Cypress Mountain- barely outside of downtown Vancouver
Earth - from low orbit... talk about ambient light.
Strider and Boromir's Misty Mounty Hops Tours
Cool home plan
MAS | Kids | Camp Life: Overnight Camp aka Wildwood - the current incarnation of the summer camp I attended as a kid.
Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA.
Gargoyles of the New Millenium
Tomboy Tools
Oregon Coast - pretty pictures
Something's begun - nice design

Photography Stuff

The Barnes Gallery - Digital Fine Art
callaway photo
CatmanDrew! - cool cat art
Bare nak*d photo gallery
Michele Serchuk Photography

Boston Photo Collaborative
New England School of Photography
Yahoo Category: Phtogography Education
Yahoo: Photagrapy contests

Random Other Stuff

Psychic Readings by Patti Feavel
Elderly Instruments Books - Personality Songbooks
Great Big Sea
GBS Boston
Trois Navire de Ble - Lyrics and translation
Lots of GBS links - from Teddy's Music Page
The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a Blog presented by Joel Veitch, a man who believes strongly in extremely and unnecessarily long page titles
The Official Bob the Angry Flower Web Page
rotten.com: This is rotten dot com
Cirque du Soleil
De La Guarda
Platform One
Footstools - Ottomans - Sheepskin
Sweet Maria's - home coffee roasting supplies.
Roger Ebert's Review of Jaws for the Chicago Sun-Times.
Pegasus Publishing
Bad Astronomy - amusing little site...
Andrew Pulrang - an alum of my house I've only met once, but who is just wicked cool.
Skylighter (Pyrotechnics)
yaromat 1.5
Cool fantasy art
Poker Room
Poker rules and tips
Rules for card games
Rusty is a homosexual
Crowning Glory Briads

Hosting links

Segull Networks - my wonderful hosting service!
godaddy domain services
100 Best web site and domain hosting services - pretty good review site.
Hosting-Network, Inc
pair Networks - Compare Services
drak.net - pretty cool service

HTML & Scripting Resource Stuff

Code Beach - Free and open source code for lots of scripting languages
CNET's Stupid Web Tricks
Beginner's Guide to Javascript
Bare Bone's Guide to HTML
Marcomedia Flash Tutorials

Maine Coon Cat Links

Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association
Artemea Cattery, in Gorham, Maine.
Retired Friends: Maine Coon
Advent Hill Cattery
Maycoons Cattery
Oldestage Maine Coon Cattery
Katain Cattery
ClassyCoon Cattery
Gingercats Maine Coons
Kitten Search
Dryad's Grove
Bengal Jungle

Siberian Cats
Marblehead Animal Shelter in Marblehead, MA, a no-kill shelter.
Melrose Humane Society
US Online Pet Resources - Cat Breed Rescue & Adoption

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